About your teacher Faye 

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Faye is a qualified as a teacher having graduated from the University of Sydney with a Grad Dip Ed. She also has a degree in Visual Arts and a Masters in Counselling and Psychotherapy and brings all these skills together with dance to create a positive environment for women to express themselves creatively in a fun and supportive atmosphere.

Bellygroove teacher Faye was a professional belly dancer for seven years, mainly dancing with her trio Cabaret Arabia at weddings, functions, and corporate events throughout Sydney.

Faye also ran the belly dance school Cabaret Arabia at Jump St Hurstville for 10 years, and for a short time taught at Mortdale as well. After many years, Cabaret Arabia (dance style) eventually evolved away from traditional belly dance and into 'Belly Groove', a more casual dance style using contemporary music of all genres.

Faye and her group of students enjoyed dancing regularly at community festivals throughout the year, including the big end of year Harlow Dance School Concert. 

Faye's Dance Background
Faye's dance training included two years training with Annetta Luce - 'Urban Tribal' (African/Contemporary), and dancing at community events with her troupe, and with Janice Claxton - 'Free and Wild' (Erik Hawkins Contemporary Technique), at the Sydney Dance Company studios. 

Some years later, Faye commenced belly dance training with Tereska Drnzik, male dancer Shiva, and with Jrisi Jusakos, performing with Jrisi's ensemble group at the Enmore Theatre, regularly at the Side Track Theatre Marrickville, as well as regular multi cultural events and performances at clubs, schools and charities.

Belly Groove is Back
After a five year break away from dancing, Faye is back, refreshed and inspired with new ideas and influences to teach Belly Groove.